Extraction sites are selected after probing the soil, analysis, laboratory testing and characterization of collected samples.

The various types of clay are stored individually; open air ; in areas delimited for this purpose… After new laboratory tests; the clay mixtures, which constitute each batch are defined. This mixture is made in horizontal layers.

This phase involves decompacting, triturating, crushing and re-mixing the batch so as to achieve an interior grain size of 3mm and to obtain greater uniformity of the mixture.

This phase concerns the kneading of the mass; after adding water; in order to obtain the best degree of homogeneity of the mixture and to give it the final characteristics of plasticity. Then the mass is rolled so as to achieve the desired final particle sizes.

We make the clay sausage for pottery, we have 3 types of clay


For several years now, our in-store and online sales company Cigale et Fourmi has offered you a wide selection of materials for potters and ceramists. We share the same passion as our clients and ceramicist friends…

We have 2 Categories of Colors:

• Frits

• Oxide



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